About Paying On-line

J. V. Health Services uses PayPal for PayPal or credit card orders. People often use PayPal to purchase items on eBay. In fact, eBay acquired PayPal in 2002. PayPal advertises over 100 million accounts world wide. Originally, a person had to open an account with PayPal to use it. Today, you can still open a free PayPal account, but you don't have to do so to make payments using a credit card. When you click on our payment button, there are options to pay with or without a PayPal account.

When you click on a PayPal button, all of your interactions with PayPal are encrypted to protect the information against theft. Your financial transaction is with PayPal; they transfer your payment to our PayPal account, but we do not receive your credit card number or other financial information.

PayPal charges no "convenience" fees or other charges to the buyer.

If you make a payment in error, PayPal allows us to refund the entire amount of your transaction on-line within 60 days, and we will be happy to do so.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us through our contact page.

We appreciate your business!