Submitting Forms

Lab Fees
  • Standard Hair Analysis:

  • Emergency Hair Analysis:
    $295.00 (call for specific instructions on how to send)

  • Recheck Hair Analysis (Sent within 2 Months,
    must include Recheck Form):

  • Rechecks done after six months are $225.00 as a new report.
Please call to confirm prices.


Download, print, and include the forms below
(filled out), include a cashier's check or money
order, with 3-4 hairs (in a sealed plastic baggie)
that have been plucked (we need the roots).

Send to:

JVHealthservices / Jodi Hayes
2207 Leo Drive
Nampa, Idaho 83651

For Canadian clients, please call to make a payment.
4% will be added to cover the credit card fees.

If you have any questions please call J. V. Health Services
at 760-553-6148. Thank you.